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It is a well-known thought pattern that you expect to be happy if you just change something in your life.

-If only my spouse stops drinking

-if my colleagues show more  understanding.

-if you get an increase in salary,

-if you can afford the dream holiday,

_if you find sweet partner,

-if you have one more child,

-if you get a new job, etc.

The list can be long!

But your joy and well-being is not conditional on the external circumstances - this is an innocent human misunderstanding.

I work from a new psychological understanding, which is based on the fact that we ALL have mental health, that we all have well-being and joy behind the "familiar patterns of thought" we have about ourselves.

Did you know that whether we experience stress, addiction, anxiety or depression, these are not permanent conditions. It is only a reflection of our thoughts in the moment that we innocently believe. Everyone (including YOU) has a huge potential for well-being and joy, your joy and well-being are not depending on your circumstances!

As a human, counsellor  and coach, I always meet people with love, compassion and a knowledge that they are not "broken".

People often ask me why I always seem happy, content and forgiving. People often say that my happy outlook on life is contagious.

I just want to tell you that you have exactly the same opportunities to experience the world with more love, joy and well-being.

I offer individual and couple coaching and counselling as well as courses for businesses and groups - both online and in person.

If you have any questions or you are interested in hearing more, please feel free to contact me. You can either call by phone: 29 66 56 84 or write to my email:

I will return to you as soon as I can. I look forward to hearing from you.

"Charlotte Holst Schmid is a warm and insightful mentor in mental health, with great talent to help people return to their innate mental surplus and balance. Charlotte has a natural authority that creates security in the relationships she works in. We gladly give her our warmest recommendations. Jacob Rebien and Mette Louise Holland, 3P Institute ”

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